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Vaca Mora train with “Medici con l’Africa Cuamm”

Up to the second half of the last century the Vaca Mora train passed through the Asiago plateau very quickly (considering that time speed) connecting a lot of small villages in that area. 

This was the very highest and the most intrepid train route in whole Italy (Chiericato G. e Gasparella G. – 1995 – “Ferrovia a cremagliera Rocchette-Asiago”), which left a large sense of nostalgia when its life came to an end. 

Today Vaca Mora is back to help the Gruppo Ferrovieri con l’Africa supporting Medici con l’Africa Cuamm in the project “Prima le mamme e i bambini”. The project is aimed to increase the number of aided births in the African regions southern to the Sahara desert. 

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The train walk the catwalk from Vicenza to Schio and back. It moves with a great elegance and arrives at the Villaverla -Montecchio station while mumbling and throwing some black smoke to the sky.

Many adults and children are excited while waiting for the train arrival. This is a party time, a glorious moment which mixes happiness and deep emotions. This is an enchanting surprise for those kids who see a steam train for the first time and suddenly forget their modern digital games and televisions.

It’s also an amazing experience for all the children who proudly sit in the train during its run, waving their hands to dozens of touched people out of the windows.

Surely Vaca Mora will spread enthusiasm and a solidarity till the final destination of this memorable day. But also I’m very confident it will take hope and smiles to the moms and kids of Africa. 

Lucia Busato

From the trolley to the stroller. Life changes, passion for traveling remains the same. I love to call myself a rational daydreamer. Sometimes I have my head screwed on, sometimes in the clouds. I start traveling much before packing, with my mind of course. My trips are always so intense that I’m rarely well rested once back home. English breakfast and Dulce de Leche are an authentic heritage to me. What I find exciting? The roar of a Ducati motorbike, the Dolomites and why not, a nice pair of high-heeled shoes.

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