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The Children’s Museum Verona: playing seriously

O RomeoRomeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love and I’ll no longer be a Capulet

William Shakespeare

You guessed it! Today we are in Verona, a nice and versatile city in the North of Italy. Verona is a great combination of history, art, music and elegance. However today we are not approaching the city to enjoy its beauty or some music events in the Arena. Nor we hear the call of the lovers’ balcony of Juliet.

The CMV: instructions for use

Today we are going to be players rather than travellers as our destination is the CMV- Children’s Museum Verona. The museum located in the “Ex Magazzini Generali” area, quite near to the exhibition area, was inaugurated last September enhancing the attractiveness of the city. 0 to 12 kids and children’s are the addressees of the CMV but curious and dreamy adults are not excluded.

Here some tips before visiting the museum. First of all be sure you don’t have holes on your socks as you will need to remove your shoes before entrance. Entrance is admitted to quite small groups per time, therefore I highly recommend to book your visit to the museum before leaving home.

The 0-3 Zone and the sound universe of CMV

It’s finally our turn, let’s play! The 0-3 Zone inspired by the Montessori and Reggio Children approaches is waiting for us! Just in front of it a real size cow imitation can be really milked. Quick note: before milking it you should wear the farmer uniform which is an apron and a big hat.

In the above mention area we found a kaleidoscope, a lot of ride-on toys, a magnetic board with some animal figures to be attach on, a lot of books and much more. This area is very funny and intimate and we enjoy some great moments. However we cannot resist the appeal of the rest of the museum, so we accompany the baby everywhere!

Did you know that through a paper glass and some elastics you get a guitar? Also that by using different length tubes and some ping pong paddles you have a percussion instrument?

Other zone in the CMV

The thread among all the museum areas, is the possibility to experience something new and learn through play . There is a huge swimming pool filled with plastic balls in the Fun Zone and a nice Water Zone for experiments with water. Still you find the Light Room with all the answers (almost) you may look for regarding light.

And a nice area where baby can build various types of shapes and objects using their fantasy and big blue blocks. Another area is deserve to the home building: here some bricks to build the baby’s home. Working place needs to be safe! Here you are. Some reflective waistcoats and helmet are available for kid’s usage.

Time in the museum is over and I spent some great moments together with my family. I know what you’re wondering. Would I reccommend a visit? Of course I would and my baby as well. She didn’t want to leave the museum anymore. So I promise we will come back very soon.

Useful Peanuts:

  • It is highly reccommended to reserve a visit before arriving at the museum as entrance is admitted to a few people per time
  • Entrance ticket is valid for a 1 hour and 45 minutes stay
  • At the museum entrance you will find some lockable lockers
  • You can park on the back of the museum FOC

Copyright ph: CMV.

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