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From Forcella Aurine to Bivacco Menegazzi, ring tour to discover Agordo Dolomites

The Col di Luna is located in a strategic position in the Agordo area and is a great destination for the panorama that it offers even if it does not reach a high altitude. This ring tour in Dolomites winds along the southern slopes of the Pale di San Martino and ensures great satisfaction with little effort.

From Forcella Aurine to Col di Luna

We leave the car at Forcella Aurine (1297), shortly after the village of Frassenรจ Agordino. The CAI 733 path starts just behind the hotel, tables that are clearly visible from the main road. The path climbs into the woods, always well marked despite the fallen trees. We then continue in the woods you come to a crossroads, going right you arrive by the very direct way to the Cross at the peak of Col di Luna, going left you will reach Passo Col del Luna though a more gentle path. The only physical effort of this tour ring on Dolomites is in this part of the  hike so we choose the very direct way to enjoy also the effort part of an hike. We quickly arrive at the Col di Luna cross (1766) from where you will enojoy one of the most fabulous panorama on Dolomite peaks. From Col di Luna you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the Agordo area, with the Mountain Agner to be the master, the Croda Granda, the Pale di San Lucano, the southern towers of the Civetta, the Framont and Moiazze peak and the viiew on the Monti del Sole. After leaving the top of Col di Luna you reach Passo Col di Luna.

From here you can reach the only refuge of this excursion: the Scarpa Gurekian Refuge. Stopping under the Agner certainly deserves the detour to the Scarpa Refuge, consider at least an hour and a half more than regular tour ring duration.

agordo dolomites. ring tour in dolomites, forcella aurine, rifugio scarpa
Looking south
agordo dolomites. ring tour in dolomites, forcella aurine, rifugio scarpa
The view from Croce Col di Luna

From Passo Col di Luna to Bivacco Menegazzi

From Passo Col di Luna you take west and you continue your hike on a gentle path. We cross the Val Zanca to reach the beautiful meadows of Casera de Camp. Pay attention when you arrive at the Casera, the path continues from behind the building and begins to rise slightly north along the rocks of the Croda Granda, do not take the dirty road down. 15 minutesโ€™ walk and we approach the only demanding stretch of our excursion: after crossing a stream, the path climbs for a very short landslide. Firm foot and hiking sticks to overcome it without difficulty. The hike continues through meadows to finally reach the Bivacco Menegazzi (1737). The bivouac is located in a great position, in the middle of flat meadows and with breathtaking views. I left there a – big โ€“ piece of my heart. We decide to stop here: bread, local salami and Nero d’Avola wine! What a lunch break!

agordo dolomites. ring tour in dolomites, forcella aurine, rifugio scarpa
Casera Col de Camp
agordo dolomites. ring tour in dolomites, forcella aurine, rifugio scarpa, bivacco menegazzi, gosaldo
The view from Bivacco Menegazz

From Bivacco Menegazzi back to Forcella Aurine

Our ring tour on Dolomites continues to reach to the beautiful Casera Cavallera along the CAI 720 path. As soon as you pass the Casera, continue along the dirt road that leads to the valley and abandon it at the second small bend (in the Tabacco map, you will see two small turns before the road continues almost straight in south direction). Near the hairpin bend, just after the bend, there is a small path on the left (not marked) that quickly leads to the lawn that we saw from the hairpin bend, with a crossroads of path, the remains of a dry stone wall and tables. At the crossroads, continue straight until you reach the dirt road that descends from Casera de Camp. You will then cross a stream and signs indicating Villa Santโ€™Andrea. Go down the main path to the village. Turn left towards Forcella Aurine and after a few hundred meters on the main road you will find a table showing a path that takes you back to Forcella Aurine.

agordo dolomites. ring tour in dolomites, forcella aurine, rifugio scarpa
Back to Forcella Aurine


  • Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Difference in altitude: 500 meters
  • Map: Tabacco Map “022, Pale di San Martino”, map 001J of TABACCOmapp

Useful peanuts:

  • this hike has been made at the end of May, there were two snowfields to cross between Casera de Camp and the Bivacco Menegazzi. Pay attention and call the Scarpa Refuge for more info on the path conditions!
  • the only refuge you will get close to is the Scarpa Gurekian Refuge which requires a detour, bring enough food and water with you!
  •  In case of emergency you can stop at Bivacco Menegazzi, but the dormitory area is not in good conditions
  • This hike does not present any particular difficulties, check the weather and enjoy!
  • Do you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Dolomites or discover one of its hidden corners? You donโ€™t have to choose between the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the Vallon Popera!

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