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One year travelling together: happy birthday Peanuts for Travellers!

One year has already passed since our travel blog Peanuts for Travellers was born: happy birthday Peanuts! It was on July 25, 2019 that our beloved creature saw the light, and that date was not a random choice.

During one of our evening meetings, while working on the construction of the site, we took the calendar to decide when to go online. “July 25 is San Cristoforo, the patron saint of travellers!” said Giovi at a certain point. We looked at each other for a moment and then we unanimously exclaimed: “We go online on July 25!” Deal! 

Bloggers just for passion

Since the Peanuts for Travelers air balloon took off, we lived an intense year and worked hard. Maybe we didn’t tell you before (because we prefer to talk about our travels, not about ourselvesโ€ฆ), but the four of us – Giovanna Gloria Lucia and Nadia (listed by alphabetical order) – are not bloggers by profession, we are bloggers just for passion

Everyone of us has a job and works hard from Monday to Friday so we travel during weekends and holidays and the time for blogging is stolen from our evenings, weekends and … sometimes from our nights.

Lucia’s adventures in South America
Gloria and her love for the Dolomites

Authentic experiences

Our trips, as you know, are self-planned and totally self-financed too. No one sponsors us to recommend a specific spot or restaurant. In our stories we tell you about our actual experiences and our honest opinions. If we love one place, we tell you about that. If we donโ€™t like it, we prefer not to talk about it (we’re not here to criticize anyone).

Giovanna’s horizons
My favorite view in Jordan

One year together: great adventures and a big setback

During the last year you got used to our Thursday rendez-vouz: every week we talk about a new destination, depending on where our heart takes us. And in doing so, last summer we flew over Cappadocia, smelt the scent of lavender in Provence, surfed in Morocco and explored the wonderful Valle dei Templi in Sicily.

The autumn went admiring the colors of the Foreste Casentinesi on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, spending a long weekend in the vibrant London, dreaming about a tropical adventures in Thailand and finally revealed us some secrets about the remote Sichuan region in China.

Surfing with Gloria
Giovanna’s escape in the desert
Dolomites + energy to spare = Gloria

In winter time it was time to discover the treasures of Budapest, to travel between the unforgettable Jordan and Israel, to go snowshoeing in the Dolomites to finally lose ourselves in a road trip to Patagonia.

During springtime, on the other hand, a devastating pandemic spread around the world and forced us to stay confined in our homes. But we did not lose heart and, as soon as it was possible to go out again, we decided to the rediscover our region and its enchanting villages such as Asolo, and little-known towns like Feltre. Then we went for a walk through the mountain huts and made exciting trekking excursions in the Dolomites.

Lucia & the stunning Milky Lake
Trying to camouflage between the rocks of Cappadocia

A new beginning: happy Birthday Peanuts!

We hope that during the year spent together, you enjoyed our articles and found inspirations for your travels, or even just became curious to explore some places that you already know. Weโ€™ve worked hard to publish stories with authentic contents and rich in photographs, and weโ€™re happy for the appreciations that we receive every day from our readers and followers. This encourages our hot air balloon to fly high and launch our tasty Peanuts for Travellers around the world.

Peanuts for Travellers is one year old, so we wish our blog a Happy Birthday! Where will we bring you during this special summer? We will tell you about this next week, so … stay tuned and see you here next Thursday!

I’m ready to travel again, aren’t you?
…and don’t forget your camera!

Peanuts for travellers thanks:

  • First of all, to our dear readers and followers, a group that grows week by week and gives us the energy to go on.
  • Lucia, because without her this project would never have started (thanks Lucia for that evening call in March, we haven’t thought twice about saying yes!)
  • Mauri, for all the time spent building the website, and for the endless patience in teaching us how to use WordPress.
  • Giovi, for her positive energy, the ever-present enthusiasm and that pinch of irony she always puts in everything.
  • Gloria, the sporty girl of the group, who doesnโ€™t stop even with two broken arms after a bike accident (and we still don’t know how she managed to write in those conditions).
  • Nadia – that is me. I enjoy feeding the flame of our hot air balloon, and make it bring us higher and further, in search of new magnificent landscapes.
  • Matteo and Ale, who share an insane passion for cigarettes and smoke proportionally the quantity of time Giovi and me spend working on our laptops. 
  • Our friend Paolo, who magically transformed our confused ideas into such a lovely logo (and draw those wonderful peanuts that look real).
Nadia Bravo

Dreaming of imaginary space journeys and uncharted planets is what I used to do when I was a child. Planning my own routes here on Earth is what I do now. Each time a new destination. My travel partner in crime is Ale, my better half and definitely a much better photographer than me. Then thereโ€™s me, of course! I am the one who studies and plans. A travel couple who looks for beauty, new horizons and different points of view.

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