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Nice hike in Asolo Hills, from Monfumo to Colle Argenta

This car will take you among the green hills of Asolo, you will walk along its vinyards and within its forest. I’m sure you will love it!The hike begins in Monfumo, near the La Valle artisan area. Leave the car just beyond the Quadrifoglio disco and take Via Col Torondo on the right.

From Monfumo up to Col Torondo hill

Here the road crosses the Muson River and climbs east of the hill. The concrete road leads to a house, but we continue uphill on the dirt road. You are now crossing the southern side of Col Torondo, while on your right you have the Colle Piumada. Go on following the main path, on the left you will pass two caves dug into the tufa caves, a couple of houses and on your left a series of chestnut. Continue uphill.

monfumo, easy hike in asolo hills, prosecco hills,
Always follow the dirt road uphill.

The road then turns into a bend to the left, passes an open gate (25min from the start) and continues to a house where the dirt road stops.

monfumo, easy hike in asolo hills, prosecco hills, colle argenta,
Walking along vinyards.

Walking below Colle Argenta peak

Here you go around the house and take the path that goes up in the trench to the right and visible from behind the house. At the fork, go left and take the upper way. Always follow the same path which then turns left and becomes less clear but always clearly visible. Leave the forest for a few meters and you will come to a grassy top hill from where you can enjoy the view of the Grappa mountain and the Asolo hills all around. Here, turn right uphill, a few meters later take the fork to the right (40 min from the trip start).

The path continues inside the wood in a south-west direction, you are now under Argentea Hill. You will then reach a clearing and find a wider and clear path (1 h). Take it to the right (from here with a detour you can get to the San Giorgio hill, 30 min time) and few meters later you will find 3 possible paths, one that goes down towards Coste, one steep in climb to the center and one slightly downhill to the right. You can indiscriminately take the paths on the right and enjoy the walk in the woods, among the thick vegetation and continuous ups and downs. Along the path you will now find tables with number “1” and the red and white marks of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club), you really can’t go wrong.

asolo, monfumo, hike, tour, easy hike in asolo hills, prosecco hills,
Here is the table!

The path just gets out of the woods (it is the Forb Sbazzega, but you will not find any sign to indicate it) and here you will find a small puddle on your left bordered by a net and a wide dirt road that bends into a tight bend to the right (1 hour and 30 minutes). Take the dirt road on the right (and do not continue on the concrete road!).

forcella sbazzega, asolo, monfumo, hike, tour, easy hike in asolo hills, prosecco hills,
Here you have to go right down the turn.

The dirt road goes gently down into the woods in the same direction from where we arrived, follow it and enjoy it! Afterwards (1 hour and 40 minutes), you will find three possible routes on the right and one on your left. Take left where you there is “PROPRIETà PRIVATA” table and a chain to prevent the transit of cars.

asolo, monfumo, hike, tour, easy hike in asolo hills, prosecco hills,
This way!

Follow the path which is now unique and accompanies you first on a grassy clearing, then inside the courtyard of a house (Case Reginato) and then downhill along gentle hairpins take you to the bottom of the valley. The road now becomes wider and goes along a small stream. Cross the bridge and follow the road via Muson in a north direction, you will reach your car walking along the road in about 10 minutes

asolo, monfumo, hike, tour, easy hike in asolo hills, prosecco hills,
Did you fall in love? I did.

Some details:

Difference in height: 300m

Duration: 2 hours and a half

Difficulty: Easy.

Useful peanuts:

  • This nice walk is great during short winter afternoons, but I suggest you to avoid it during rainy periods as it becomes muddy and slippery
  • Pay attention to the forks, if you have any doubt keep in mind that you never have to exit the valley
  • Not suitable for pushchairs
  • Do you prefer country roads? Challenge yourself with this pilmigrage to Monte Berico!
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