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Montjuic and Poblesec. Barcelona good vibes

Brief guide on how to spend half a day in this beautiful city.

First post to write and first story to tell. Where should I start from? Starting from last trip might be a good idea! 1 flat, 3 days and 3 good friends. Great long weekend starter pack completed.

We arrive late night on Thursday, our place is close to Sagradia Familia cathedral and we decide to go for night cultural walk. The air is warm, wow! The past May looked like a super long March and a breath of warm air is enough to feel it’s finally summer. Looking at cathedral with no people around is a great experience. No tourists taking photos and no street vendors screaming. 5 minutes to look at the cathedral  and the cultural tour comes to an end. It’s definitely  time to look for a beer and we end up in a good sticky and noisy  Irish pub. The weekend deserves to start with half a pint in hand.

I weak up at 08:00 and I notice the best part of our place: the word you can see outside of the window. Outside a colorful ensemble of council flats, terraces claiming for Cataluña independency, a pure blue sky and yellow hills in the background.  My partners in crimes are still snoring so I take a shower and decide to go for some shopping – the girls will be hungry as they weak up. I mix very well with Barcelona citizen, dark hair and eyes are very common here so everybody speak me in Spanish. I come back to them the best way I can.

Close to 01:00PM the day starts, our destination is Montjuic. To be quick, Montjuic is an hill in the middle of the city, fully covered in white marble on one side and covered with a green garden on the other and above wide streets with high trees remembering the best spots of Beverly Hills. As you exit the metro station, you find the Fair building on your left and big buildings belonging to big companies on your right.  In front of you a turnaround. You go in the direction of two towers looking like not good imitation of S. Marco bell-tower. Here comes the funny part, the hills goes up and there is a system of escalators to reach the top  – ok from an aesthetical point of view, great to survive during hot spanish summer days.  

Almost at the top of the hill.

Almost at the top of the hill, I prevent a bad break up as I show the way to the last escalator to a Russian fiancè. His Russian girlfriend seems not caring, but I saved Private Ryan from moving a 35kilos piece of luggage through marble white stairs with his darling girlfriend watching. I’m a every-day-life hero, I know it.   I finally arrive, happy and sweaty, to the top. Dear selfie lovers and igers, this spot is lovely – come and look for the best views and fountains.

Inside Joan Mirò Foundation.

You go right and follow the table to reach Mirò Foundation. Please do go. Brutalist big building where lots of masterpieces of Mirò are diplayed.  Three things I want to recommend 1. The mercury fountain 2. The beautiful terrace showing the real part of the city, the one made of hot council flats 3. The painting I will one day have at my white country Villa “The lark’s wing encircled with golden blue rejoins the heart of the poppy sleeping on the diamond-studded meadow”. I’m completely in love with this masterpiece, I go and come back several times to appreciate its greatness. It is huge, violent and overbearing in its beauty. Mr Joan Mirò was a genius and this painting one day will be mine. Last resort option, a print 30x40CM will work as well.

Through the botanical garden.

Going north, we cross the Bothanical Garden where now a model lays in a rose bush, and arrive to the Mercado de Flores. I was thinking about an actual market and I was wrong. Mercado de Flores is now a dance school with girls in flamenco dresses and young talented modern dancers. We are starving, but the it’s almost time for tea also in Spain and the school canteen is just for students. A nice madame speaks us in a sort of spanish – for sure is Catala’- and show us what is left from the lunch. Deal! In 5 minutes we have 3 tortillas, 3 salads, 3 bottles of water and a pint of beer. This is what I call happiness.

One hour later it’s almost time for aperitif. Maria Cristina lives in Barcellona since almost two years and adds to the group after work. We reach her near to her place, Poble sec. This is Qui si fa l’aperitivo da insider, gente giovane il punto giusto – ormai sothe right spot to mix with Barcelona citizens and the right spot in terms of age, for the readers info, this year I turned 30. We stop at Pincho J – Carre de Blai, and I meet a new friend: Vermouth, ice and lemon. Here you can eat very nice “pinchos” chosing from vegan chic options and more well known jamon and cheese beats. We move spot to spot, the night is warm and perfect. The girls night out end as fe years ago, begging for the very last – very chewy – very expensive pizza. #Stay Young.

Useful peanuts:

  • just decide where to head and then relax. Live the spanish mood.
  • Book in a popular neighborhood to feel part of the city.
  • Barcellona is always there, no need to fully book your day.
  • Want to check the other side of Barcelona? Read about Barrio Gotico!

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