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And now… Where we go?

This summer is peculiar also for vacation escapes: instead of planning our trips weeks or months in advance, we find ourselves asking where to go few days before leaving our desks. One thing is sure and common to all of us: we will go and discover our beautiful Italy.

Giovanna: โ€œI want to live like this, in the sunlightโ€

โ€œI want to live like this, in sunlightโ€ sings a famous Italian song. This song sings in my head when Iโ€™m at peace with the world or when Iโ€™m riding my old fashioned bike along the beloved streets of my city. This song will be the mantra of my vacationsโ€ฆ Iโ€™ll be in the sunlight! I do not actually have to sunbath all holiday long, to me also some rain is fine. Nevertheless, I cannot forget that my father taught me that rain is not bad weather, itโ€™s just an essential part of life. As of now I have just a four day reservation that will take me to one of my places of the heart, between Marche and Umbria. I get ready to discover hidden treasures and go with the wind.. who knows where I will end to? My unique certainty is that after this long lockdown all I need is some greenery, get lost in nature, admire landscapes and listen to the sounds of nature. We’ll see if we can also move further southway …

A travel starts when you start planning your trip
A travel starts when you start planning your trip

In German there is an expression I like and that is usually used to say goodbye in the evening, at the end of a business call. It is called “Schรถnen Feieraben” which literally means “Good evening celebration …”. As to say that, after a day of work, even an evening spent peacefully is something worth celebrating. Here it is. After this extra-ordinary period, I will celebrate my holidays. Always and only in sunlight.

Gloria: Where am I going for annual leave? Help, I just don’t know!

Factor 1, small budget

This condition, alas, helps the choice by tightening the list of destinations: no plane, no long journeys by car, no hotel. I could bring arguments such as the current world situation (Covid-19, does it tell you something?) or a super radical green turn (term I just invented), but no. It is really just lack of money. The choice therefore is to spend few days close to home, avoiding expensive activities and nightlife. So, where am I heading to? Hiking in the mountains, as 85% of Italian people will do this summer.

Mountains to explore
Mountains to explore

Factor 2, Iโ€™m scared of tourists

I have no data in hand, but it is not difficult to predict that mountain spots will be crowded this summer. I invite you to drive down a mountain area on Sunday late afternoons if you are in the mood for a small crowd and some queue. The spot of my vacation will be chose as follows: map in hand, first identify the most popular places, the most knowned, the brightest ones and go … about 30 km further on.

Gloria's climbing equipment
Gloria’s climbing equipment

Factor 3, my backpack

The only certainty of these holidays is that my travel companion will be the backpack. Here is my backpack checklist: water, salts, food, sunscreen with very high SPF, wind-jacket (please take the serious one, if you see through it doesn’t work), spare shirt (yeah, you obviously sweat while hiking, but also because you stink too!), warm sweater and MAP. Panels in Dolomites are often blind-proof, but you can be wrong. Uh, you do can. I also add the wallet with cash and a mobile phone.

Lucia: no mountain, no holiday!

Until few hours ago my plans for summer 2020 was to have no plans. I kept telling me that if I had taken some days off, they would certainly have been in Veneto. For two excellent reasons: to help hoteliers and tourism operators of my region and because my land deserves to be visited not one, not ten but infinite times.

In my family habits there is the beautiful custom of going to Ascoli Piceno (a city whose visit I recommend to everyone, of course also for the amazing fried olives) to visit my uncles and spend a few nice days in their company. So we go all together to the nearby Villa Rosa, a small town just beyond the border with Abruzzo.

The tranquility of the Adriatic sea
The tranquility of the Adriatic sea

So here I am, I left on Friday and Iโ€™m now spending some days in the province of Teramo. I will enjoy the hospitality of the uncles, the excellent cuisine of my aunt (thanks to her I will surely gain a couple of kilos) and the company of the amazing women of my life, my mom and my baby. In addition to this, I found an absolutely out of the ordinary quietness, a flat sea and clear water. I could not ask for moreโ€ฆ well, yes. Mauri is missing, held in Vicenza for work. This year we celebrate his forties  … mmm who struggles to blow out all these candles.

Where will I go with my family? Of course I will stay in Veneto and in the mountains as to us is โ€œno montain, no vacationโ€. And after riding all around Dolomites on two wheels, itโ€™s time explore the Cadore area, on which we have the greatest expectations. So what are our plans? Stay tuned to get all the details of our trips!

Nadia: My seas & mountains recipe

This summer I will spend in Italy my vacations, as many  of you. To a long-term foreign-country-lover like me this decision sounds a bit strange. As this year the choice is almost obliged, I take this opportunity to explore some places I have not had the chance (and time) to visit. So here my 2020  vacation plan: a seas & mountains mix. The main ingredient will be spending time in contact with nature. 

Maps will help you to have an overview of the regione and plan your trips
Maps will help you to have an overview of the regione and plan your trips

First, I will go wandering among the mountain landscapes of Abruzzo, visiting small ancient villages, crossing majestic plateaus and lush valleys in the Gran Sasso National Park and in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, following the traces of bears and wolves. I will go for cities of art, imposing abbeys and remote hermitages, as far away as possible from the crowds and with the aim of breathing pure air at full lungs. I will savor the local gastronomic tradition, rich in interesting wines and fine oils (you know, in Italy culinary art is an essential part of any travel experience). The plan is at a canvas stage as this time I have not foreseen everything in detail, hoping that I will have the chance to relax and get surprised.

If you want to plan a trip you need to study
If you want to plan a trip you need to study

Afterwards, we will cross Italy from east to west and have an intermediate stop which I believe will be absolutely amazing, but it is still top secret! We will then sail the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea until we reach the beautiful seas of Sardinia. We saw the southern part of this region some time ago, but this time we will go Northway, around Alghero. From Alghero, we will explore the north-west of the island and its most beautiful beaches.

Useful Peanuts

  • It has been a tiring period for everyone. We would like the mantra of this summer to be “Practice random kindness and senseless beauty acts”. Perhaps this will be good for all of us and, above all, for the world around us.
  • We will keep you updated on our Italian Grand Tour, so keep an eye on our social channels. Letโ€™s meet here once the holidays are over with our Thursdays rendez-vous.

Happy Summer from P4T!

Giovanna Manera

My name is Giovanna, but everybody calls me Giovi. โ€œWe have the eternity to not be and just a minute to beโ€ is a quote of Jose Mujica, former president of Uruguay. I try to give value every single day to this quoted minute, while day-dreaming (or living) a new trip but also leaving the pots alone on fire just to run outside to admire a sunset from my balcony. What I am fond of? Pictures, because I think they are the perfect balance of uniqueness of a moment, time and light. What makes me happy? Sitting at the table together with the people I love and let the thoughts blend with loud laughter.

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