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A pleasent hike in Bassano’s hills

The path

This hike offers numerous detours (all to be tried!). Below I talk you about the path that takes you from Contrà San Giorgio to San Bovo, Valrovina and the Cascate del Silan (click here to get the path’s details). It is one of my favorite Sunday walks because it is just a few steps from home and it is surrounded by nature.

From Chiesa di San Giorgio to Contrà Privà

We start from the Chiesa di San Giorgio (of Lombard origin) in Contrà San Giorgio. Proceeding west on an concrete road we arrive to the first crossroads. We go left along a vineyard. At the end of the vineyard we turn right and face the first ascent. This path, more than a hundred years ago, was the ancient road that led to Valrovina. Only before the World War I was buildt the road as we know it. After about twenty minutes of walking we leave the clearing and we arrive to a curve. A few steps on a paved road and, instead of continuing towards Valrovina, we take the ascent to the right towards Contrà Privà.

From Privà to San Bovo

The path that leads from Privà to the turning for San Bovo is very suggestive. You walk with the woods on one side and olive trees on the other. If the day is clear, you can see the Colli Berici hills next to the Euganean hills.

The Colli Berici hills and the Euganean Hills
The Colli Berici hills and the Euganean hills

Before the last climb that leads to Contrà Privà, we leave the concrete road and take the path on the left that leads to the Hermitage of San Bovo. The stretch to reach it is beautiful especially in autumn, when the path is dressed in a thousand shades. After a while the path will join a famous route, the Alta Via del Tabacco. At the crossroads we take the left slightly uphill until we reach the Eremo di San Bovo.

The Hermitage of San Bovo
The Hermitage of San Bovo

From San Bovo to Caluga

After taking a break at the Hermitage we go back and take the Alta Via del Tabacco path again which we find on the right, following the main track recognizable by the red and white CAI signs painted on stones and trees. We walk in this wood among chestnut, manna ash and hornbeam trees and arrive on the paved road that will take us, after a short climb, to Caluga (on our right there is Vallison). From this point you can admire the Valsugana valley and the hills of Asolo in the background.

The Valsugana valley and the hills of Asolo
The Valsugana valley and the hills of Asolo

Sentiero del Castanile / Castanile Trail

From Contrà Caluga we leave the route of the Alta Via del Tabacco and we head towards the center of Valrovina following the red and white tables. At the beginning of this path, we continue downhill on a paved road and then take the Sentiero di Castanile (the entrance is clearly visible on the right, after the first bend) that connects Caluga to the center of the village.

A chestnut tree, symbol of Valrovina
A chestnut tree

At the end of the path we find a splendid white hornbeam to welcome us. More than a tree, this is a natural monument with over two hundred years of history and it is grown almost horizontally over a spring water fountain known as “Altarina”. This spring was in fact a religious spot – an altar, in fact – where donations were made hoping to obtaining a good harvest.


From here, a few steps ahead lead us to the center of Valrovina, a hamlet of Bassano del Grappa. This small town, arranged as an amphitheater and surrounded by greenery, is the place where I was born and raised.

It is beautiful in all seasons… When the valley puts on the white dress made of cherry trees in bloom, when the bright green gives a little cool during summer time, when autumn burns with the colors of foliage and also in winter, when the Christmas lights shine in the darkness of the night.

Valrovina: this small town is  arranged as an amphitheater and surrounded by greenery.

The church is dedicated to Sant’Ambrogio and houses a gilded wooden altar, dedicated to the Madonna del Rosario which has been recently restored. In October the village hosts numerous visitors who come to attend the Festa del Maron, an event dedicated to the promotion of the homonymous fruit.

The Cascate del Silan

Further the center of the village, we take the road that goes down to the left towards Contrà Meneghetti. We continue, keeping our way on the left and continuing straight we take a dirt road. After about ten minutes of walking we arrive at a crossroads. Continuing straight on, you rejoin the entrance to Contrà Privà and then you can follow the first part of the route in reverse.

We instead take the path that goes down to the right and reaches the Cascate del Silan whose name “Silaha” in Cimbrian means “place where the waters flow”. After being refreshed in front of the roar of the water of this beautiful waterfall we prudently wade the stream on the rocks to continue the path.

Back to the Acque di San Giorgio

At the end of the path we pass the wooden gate and continue to the left to check near the Pizzeria at the Alpino in San Michele. From here we turn left along the concrete road and proceed to the first road on the left where we turn towards Contrà Soarda (near the electric power station).

Wineyards of Contrà Soarda

We continue uphill along the wineyards of Contrà Soarda and, once we take the descent, we turn left again at the capital to rejoin the Contrà Acque di San Giorgio. I have to ask about the possibility to visit the interior of the Church of San Giorgio alle Acque. Part of the frescoes inside were brought to light with a restoration that ended in 2011.

Useful Peanuts 

  • Duration: 2 hours and a half; Difference in height: 300 m (max 380 m); Distance: 8 Km; Difficulty: easy 
  • Along the way you will find direction (white on a red background) by the Mobilità dolce dei territori del Brenta with useful indications and English translation. 
  • Parking: you can park in the open spaces near the Church of San Giorgio. 
  • Seasons: All, paying close attention to the slippery ground following abundant rains. 
  • Picnic tables: entrance to Sentiero di San Bovo, Eremo di San Bovo, equipped area (including playground) in Contrà Meneghetti in Valrovina on the right, before taking the Sentiero del Silan. 
  • Refreshment: in the center of Valrovina there are the Family Bred Bakery, the Pizzeria “Al Telefono”, Alimentari Bertoncello and the Ristorante “Melograno”.
  • Are you curious to try a walk even in the Asolo hills? Fasten your shoes and set off on this ring route tested for you by Gloria Sonda.
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