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A nice walk to the Monte Summano top

Have you ever driven on the Valdastico-Piovene highway? If so, you should have notice it. If you still haven’t and you are in Vicenza area you should make a detour to reach it. I’m talking about Monte Summano. A nice mountain which embraces the small town of Santorso and Piovene and dominates all the surrounding area giving its very peculiar aspect. Monte Summano with its two cones seems a volcano, even if you will never hear it rumbling and you will not see it erupting. For many centuries Monte Summano has been the destination of many believers and still today it is visited by many people, specifically tourists and excursionists. Also there are many paths to reach Monte Summano top among which you can choose.

Walking on the 459 path

My husband and me usually walk to the top and back on the 459 path, which is also known as “Sentiero dei Gerolimini”. The round trip takes about 3 hours and a half during which you will immerge yourself in the forest deeply smelling the wood scent. Halfway you will meet a bench which gives you a spectacular view on the landscape. By clear skies you can even see Monte Berico and perceive its mysticism till here.

In less than one hour you will reach the “Chiesa Alpina dei Frati Girolimini”. You can stay in the surrounding while relaxing and eating a panino con soppressa served in the small refuge beside (always check if it’s open if you are planning to eat there).

Still a few steps up and you will reach the top of the mountain at a height of 1296 meters. A wonderful view is waiting for you and you will be almost impressed by a 12 meters high steel crucifix.


  • park your car free in front of the Chiesa dell’Angelo. Path 459 starts just beside it
  • walking down Monte Summano you can alternatively choose path 460. At certain point path 460 intersects path nr. 459
  • you can walk to the Monte Summano top with baby in your backpack as its a quite safe path to walk
Lucia Busato

From the trolley to the stroller. Life changes, passion for traveling remains the same. I love to call myself a rational daydreamer. Sometimes I have my head screwed on, sometimes in the clouds. I start traveling much before packing, with my mind of course. My trips are always so intense that Iโ€™m rarely well rested once back home. English breakfast and Dulce de Leche are an authentic heritage to me. What I find exciting? The roar of a Ducati motorbike, the Dolomites and why not, a nice pair of high-heeled shoes.

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